Robert S. Langer, Sc.D.

Robert S. Langer, Sc.D. has been a member of HCRx’s SAB since 2013. He is the David H. Koch Institute Professor and Founder of the Langer Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Langer previously served as a member of the FDA’s SCIENCE Board from 1995 – 2002, including as its chairman from 1999-2002. He has helped start 40 companies, and more than 350 pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and medical device companies have licensed or sublicensed his patents. Over the course of his career, Dr. Langer has received over 220 major awards including the 2013 Wolf Prize in Chemistry, which is considered the Israeli Nobel Prize; the 2006 United States National Medal of Science; the 2011 United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation; the Charles Stark Draper Prize, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for engineers; the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences; and the 2015 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. He has also been elected to the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Inventors, the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Langer currently serves on the board of directors for 23 companies and institutions (MicroCHIPS Biotech, Arsenal Medical (spun out 480 biomedical), PureTech Ventures, Taris, Seventh Sense, Tarveda Therapeutics, SQZ, Lyndra, Xtuit, Moderna Therapeutics, Frequency Therapeutics, McGovern Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Whitehead Institute, Verseau, Stembiosys, Kala, Cornell University, Abpro, Michelle, Humancyte, LikeMinds, and Rubius). Dr. Langer has received 32 honorary doctorates including honorary degrees from both Harvard and Yale. He received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and his Sc.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both in chemical engineering.