Frank M. Armstrong, M.D.

Frank M. Armstrong, M.D. has been a member of HCRx’s SAB since 2009. Dr. Armstrong is particularly helpful to HCRx in its medical assessment of product candidates and clinical data. Over the course of his tenured career, Dr. Armstrong has served as chief executive officer at a number of healthcare and biopharmaceutical companies, including Fulcrum Pharma, CuraGen Corporation, Bioaccelerate Holdings, Provensis and Phoqus Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Armstrong has also worked in large pharma as head of worldwide product development at Bayer AG, a senior vice president at Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca plc) and a senior vice president at Merck Serono. Dr. Armstrong holds an MBChB from the University of Edinburgh and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Physicians. He serves as a non-executive Chair for Faron Pharmaceuticals, a publicly held company, as well as BioCaptiva, Bloomsbury Genetic Therapies (BGT), Newcells Biotech, all privately-held companies, and is a board member for ECO Animal Health a public company. Dr. Armstrong is also a Member of the Court of the University of Edinburgh.