CSL Vifor/Maruishi Pharma


Nov 2023

MARKETERCSL Vifor/Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co.

Korsuva (difelikefalin, known as Korsuva in the US and Japan and Kapruvia in other regions) is an intravenously administered kappa-opioid receptor agonist indicated for pruritus in chronic kidney disease (CKDaP) patients undergoing hemodialysis. This product was approved in US/EU in 2022 and in Japan in 2023.


HCRx purchased the right to receive ex-US royalty payments and sales milestones due from CSL Vifor, and Japan royalty payments due from Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., on difelikefalin injection sales. Cara opted to monetize the difelikefalin injection economics to raise non-dilutive capital and support the development of Cara’s late-stage pipeline.

Note: This transaction also appears in the Corporate Financing section under Cara Therapeutics.