XIPERE, ARVN001, RGX-314, AU-011


Aug 2022


The SCS Microinjector is a proprietary injection device for administration of drugs into the suprachoroidal space of the eye. Injecting drugs into the suprachoroidal space allows therapy to reach the areas of the eye where sight-threatening disease often occurs – the macula, retina and choroid – while also compartmentalizing the drug to reduce potential effects on off-target tissues. The SCS Microinjector allows clinicians to have precise, controlled access into the narrow suprachoroidal space, and has broad application potential across both small and large molecule therapeutics. It is currently being used for the delivery of triamcinolone in Bausch + Lomb’s XIPERE and in Arctic Vision’s investigational product, ARVN001. It is also being studied by REGENXBIO for the delivery of AAV gene therapies in indications where anti-VEGF is the standard of care and Aura Biosciences for use delivering viral-like particle bioconjugates for ocular cancers.


HCRx purchased the right to receive royalty interests in all existing and future SCS Microinjector technology sub-licenses. Clearside Biomedical monetized these royalty interests to support the funding of further clinical trials of CLS-AX, a proprietary small molecule suspension of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, axitinib, delivered suprachoroidally, for wet AMD.

Note: This transaction also appears in the Royalty Monetization section under XIPERE.